me and my galgo Noodle

About Me

An Animal Lover

When I was four years old we got our first dog, a Jack Russell terrier, which we called Tiny (because he was!). We also had a tortoise and a budgie to add to the menagerie. From then on I was completely obsessed with animals, their protection and their care and quickly became a vegetarian as a teenager. We had other dogs later on but it wasn´t until I was an adult that we got Noodle, our first galgo who we adopted from the fantastic Fundación Benjamin Mehnert based in our part of Spain, just outside of Seville. We had entered into the fascinating world of all things galgo and greyhound!

About Greyhounds and Galgos

Greyhounds and galgos are a joy. They are loving, loyal and lots of fun! However, in many respects they are quite different from other dogs.  The ability of a grey to reach top speeds in only a few seconds, the instinct to hunt and the slender form of the body and head are all reasons why greys are special. They need equipment which is especially made to keep them comfortable and safe. They have very particular needs, they suffer easily from cuts due to their thin skin and are sensitive to heat and cold. Many are adopted after a life at the racing track or, more commonly here in Spain, after a short career as a hunting animal. These dogs often take time to settle in to an adoptive home, to become accustomed to everyday life.

Helping New Owners

Before we got our first galgo we had to do a lot of research regarding a greyhound’s particular needs. As a potential dog owner, the amount of information available was quite overwhelming.

I wanted to set up this page to give you clear information which can help you to look after your dogs.

I also want give you as much information as I can about the different types of sighthound products available on the market today. I hope to provide reviews and comparisons and real results based on experience.

This blog will contain helpful, informative articles which I hope you will find interesting and useful.

If you would like to get in touch or leave a comment, please do so. I would be very happy to read about your experiences and opinions.

All the best,

Victoria x