the best of british martingale collars

The Best of British Martingale Collars

In my last post I wrote about martingale collars and how they are an essential piece of kit for greyhounds and galgos. Now you have the facts I want to tell you about the best British online retailers where you can buy beautiful, top quality, well-made, individual pieces for your pet. You really are spoiled for choice!

So, based on recommendations and comments from real users on my Facebook groups and social media, here is a list (in no particular order) of the best of British martingale collars.

A collhar by Slouching Hound

Kerry at Slouching Hounds produces a wide range of beautiful bespoke collars and leads which are handmade in the UK. Kerry comes from a fashion background and works from home to make her exquisite custom collars, which come in a variety of sizes and styles. There are 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch collars and reducing martingales. There is also an option to choose a matching collar and lead. The collars come in a huge variety of beautiful patterns and colours, with print fabrics, woven trims and are double stitched for durability. The collars have strong welded hardware and buyers can choose either brass or nickel options.

Collars by Slouching Hound

The prices of the collars range from £7 to £28. In addition, Kerry gives donations and offers discounts to various rescue groups to help in any way she can. Customer reviews give Slouching Hounds positive paise for good communication, rapid delivery and, most of all, for the quality of their beautiful collars. This site is a must visit.

Pointy faces collar

At Pointy Faces you can find a range of vibrantly coloured, classic Martingale collars. Meg, the founder, originally began her business  producing organic, eco-friendly, handmade dog grooming products and has now expanded into producing a wide range of greyhound, whippet and lurcher accessories. The designer Martingale collars are handmade in the UK and are available in a variety of sizes at 1 inch and 2 inch wide. They are made to be stylish yet hard-wearing and practical, durable and suitable for extreme environments. The collars come in a range of plain styles with vibrant colours such as Seville Orange and Naples Yellow. The collars are prices at £27.50 and can be purchased alongside a matching lead and/or leather house collar. Definitely worth a look for the classy dogs out there.

Kitschcollars martingale collars

The collars at are truly stunning. Dolly, their creator, comes from a background in textiles and weaving, having worked previously in a silk mill on industrial looms and has previously made fabrics for the theatre. At kitschcollars the focus is on sourcing beautiful fabrics with materials brought in from India and America and beyond. There are collars woven on Jacquard looms and embellished with sari trims. Kitschcollars pride themselves on being one of the first professional makers of martingale collars in the UK (since 2004). They aim for high standards, fast delivery times and seeing the product through from making the fabric to delivering the end product. In addition, kitschcollars likes to give back – providing free collars for auctions, discounts for shows, kennels and charity websites. There are links to their favourite charities on their webpage.

lots of collars by kitschcollars

A visit to the site is a must to see the huge range of beautiful collars available. There are various sizes available (from 7″ to 36″) and various widths (from 20 to 50mm). The collars are machine washable at 40º, robust, tough, with solid brass hardware. There are collars with satin linings, with plain webbing for frequent washing, Swiss velvet collars and a selection of styles – the classic martingale, the single loop or the half-martingale. Prices range from £10 to 22. Personally, my favourite is the 50mm Kaleidoscope martingale – it is exquisite!

Collars by the Highland Hound

The Highland Hound is a family run business based in the Schottish Highlands. Their collars are high quality, handmade to order and shipped worldwide. There is a good range of styles, including a Harris tweed collection for the truly authentic, Scottish feel. The collars range in price from £14.50 to £22 and come in a range of sizes (from 9″ to 25″) and widths (3/4″ to 2″). The martingales are made with polypropylene webbing, strong nickel metalware and are lined with satin. Each one comes with a delightful paw print charm too.

Collars by the highland Hound

As the collars are made to order they can be personalised by adding extra touches. For a small extra charge, the nickel fixtures can be changed to rose gold or neon attachments and, for an extra £3.50, the collar can be personalised with your dogs name embroidered into the fabric. All collars are machine washable and matching leads are available.

doggie collars martingale

Caroline at began making collars to sell after successfully making them for her own dogs. Her collars are made to measure and customers can choose from a selection of fourteen designs on the website. Alternatively, if they prefer a more individual look, they can choose from well over one hundred fabrics available on the website. The martingale collars are available in 1.5″ and 2″ widths and measure from 12″ to 14″. They retail at £15.50 plus P&P.  Caroline makes her collars at home using an industrial sewing machine and the ‘D’ rings are welded for extra strength. There is also an extensive range of house collars available to view on the website too. You can visit Doggie-Collars at their website (above) or at their Facebook page (Doggie-Collars).

doggie collars martingale

It’s clear from Boomerjacks website that they are extremely professional and very popular. Their testimonials page speaks volumes – lots of clients truly happy with their “beautiful”, “stunning”, “well-made”, “secure” collars. Buyers comment on the high qulity of the products, the exceptional customer service, the quick response times and speed of delivery and the beautiful presentation of the items.

Boomerjacks martingale

Boomerjacks provides martingale collars of a high quality – with top quality webbing, lined with satin, luxurious trims and solid brass fittings. They come in four widths (3/4″ to 2″) and five collar sizes (ranging from 8″ to 28″). There is a huge range of styles and collections to choose from  – those with flora and fuana, paisley patterns, metallic, novelty superhero patterns, pirates, tartan, renaissance patterns, spots and stripes and plain double strength polypropylene Martingales in basic colours for exra durability. Boomerjacks offers free delivery on all UK orders and prices range from £10.95 to £16.95. An extra bonus is that they will happily recycle the hardware from your old collar and give you 20% off the price of your new collar (of the same width). So, what are you waiting for?!

Boomerjacks martingale

Felicity at Izzy and Finn’s Hound Boutique specialises in making sighthound collars. If you would like to create an individual martingale collar then the Create Your Own Collar section of her website is the place to visit. There you have a huge variety of options to choose from. Firslty, there are literally hundreds of  fabrics to choose from, including Harris tweed. Secondly, you can select the width you require (1″ to 2″) and the neck size (10″ to 18″). The fittings come in welded nickel however, for a small extra cost, you can choose rose gold, black powder coated fixtures or, on some sizes, solid brass. Moreover, the collars come lined with satin and buyers can specify if they want a certain colour.

Izzy and Finns martingale

Izzy and Finn’s also offers a selection of ready made greyhound and whippet collars in a 1″ to 2″ width, half martingale or two-tone style. There are some lovely designs with doggie fabrics by Richard Skipworth. Felicity will also donate £2 from the sale of each Hank and Egg collar (above) to Galgos Del Sol, a very worthy rescue santuary based in Spain.

Izzy and Finns collar

These are just a few examples of the best of British online shops selling top quality, unique accessories for your pets. If you have recently bought from a particularly good online provider or have sourced a fantastic collar online then I would love to receive your recommendations and see some photos. Please take the time to leave a comment below. Many thanks.

best of british martingale collars


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