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The Best of British Greyhound and Whippet Pyjamas

In one of my first posts I wrote about greyhound and whippet pyjamas and how they can be important for sighthounds during the winter months. Now you have the facts I want to tell you about the best British online retailers where you can buy beautiful, top quality, well-made, individual pieces for your pet. You really are spoiled for choice!

So, based on recommendations and comments from real users on my Facebook groups and social media, here is a list (in no particular order) of the best of British greyhound and whippet pyjamas.

AK Creations

As the website says “AK Creations specialises in beautiful, handmade products, using only the finest materials, for greyhounds, whippets, lurchers and sometimes for their owners too. Each product on this website is lovingly handmade to order by myself – just for you! whether it is a smart and striking outdoor coat, a cosy and comfortable indoor ensemble or a snazzy snood that your hound requires, just send me the measurements and your hound will be living the haute couture dream to the envy of all their doggy friends.”

AK creations pjs

Anja at AK creations is based in Essex and has been running her business since 2017. A loving owner of greyhounds Jagger, Dylan, Moe and Josey –(you can find out all about them on her Home page) Anja has been dedicating herself to creating quality, stylish and comfortable clothing for greyhounds for many years. All her items are hand-made to measure and her website offers a range of pyjamas, housecoats, jumpers, snoods, fleece coats, waterproof coats and breathable shirts.

The pyjamas come in different styles. The 4-legged style range from small (£35) to extra large (£50) and you can change from a fantastic range of 35 stunning colours. The 2-legged style are available from £25 to £40 depending on size and, again, are available in many different colours. AK Creations also make comfy housecoats, without legs, which are easy to wear and lovely pullovers, available in polar fleece fabric and some with sweatshirt fabric. Again, you can choose from a range of colours and also select your preferred length of collar. One of my favourites from AK Creations is the Teddy Bear jumper, made from a super cosy cuddle fleece fabric. I think my Noodle would think it was heavenly! Check out the fantastic range and quality on offer at AK Creations.

AK pyjamas


Greyhound Monkey

Lena at Greyhound Monkey is a one-woman enterprise providing gorgeous items for greyhound and whippet lovers. She has been making greyhound products for 10 years – an idea which started when she began making coats for her first greyhound, Mikey (the original greyhound monkey).

Lena hand-makes outdoor coats, jumpers and pyjamas and you will also find ear warmers and blankets on her site.

greyhound monkey pyjamasLena mainly makes items for greyhounds and whippets but is also able to make items to order for lurchers and other breeds.

Her pyjamas are her best-selling product. The pyjamas come in a range of colourful styles and patterns, which range from £21 to £25. They are mainly made out of fleece fabric, however there are other fabric choices available and you can let Lena know if you have a particular preference. She has recently introduced some jumpers and outdoor coats and is hoping to introduce some new designs very soon that will combine fleece with sweatshirt and jersey fabric.

greyhound monkey pyjamas 1

The pyjamas are mainly the 4-legged style although Greyhound Monkey do offer a 2-legged style as well.

The pyjamas range in size from 18” to 29”. If you are unsure about the size you require there is a handy guide on the website explaining how to take your measurements.

Delivery can take 5-10 working days in the winter and 3-4 working days in the summer.

Lena’s pyjamas look super cosy and beautifully made. Any greyhound or whippet would be in heaven sporting one of these super comfortable outfits. Lena is a pure sighthound lover who makes a donation to the greyhound rescue for every order she received. Take a look at her lovely, handmade outfits at


lilymoo housecoat

Lilymoo creates bespoke coats, pyjamas and accessories for greyhounds and other sighthounds. They are based in the West Midlands and the owner is a keen greyhound enthusiast, having four of her own.

Lilymoo makes pyjamas of the 2 and 4 – leg variety and also wraparound pyjamas . All items are made to order and prices vary depending on the size of your hound. The pyjamas come in a range of available fabrics, including polar fleece, cuddle fleece, cotton jersey, cotton, cotton towelling and she also makes quilted waterproof coats. You can choose from a range of patterns and colours. There is a handy measurement guide on the website, which is currently under development.

lilymoo Jeff

Check out some of Lilymoo’s four-legged buyers looking super cosy in their new togs in her gallery of happy customers.

Spuds Dog Coats

Spuds Dog Coats make snoods, onesies, jumpers, coats and snuggle beds for all different types of dogs. The owner, Karen Forrester has 5 Jack Russels but one look at her website shows that she is no stranger to kitting out greyhounds and whippets as well as other dogs.

spuds dog coats onesies

The clothing at Spuds Dog Coats is all handmade and and very reasonably priced. Items will be delivered within 14 days and you can discuss with Karen if you have a particular design in mind.

The 4-legged onesies are made of super soft fleece and range from £16 to 20. They are made to measure and you can choose from a range of fleeces. The fleeces include plain, patterned, spotty, tartan, animal and Christmas patterned fabrics.

The jumpers are also made of a washable fleece and range from £13 to £16. Spud’s range of snoods provide extra warmth around the neck and look super cosy. They retails for a fantastic £11.50 to £14.50.

spuds in pyjamas

Take a look at the website or the Facebook page to see what a great variety of beautifully crafted, handmade items they have on offer.


Tasha’s Dog Togs

Tasha’s Dogtogs is a one-woman company selling items for greyhounds and whippets through Facebook and eBay. Tasha was until recently a greyhound owner although sadly she has lost her old boy.

tashas dogtogs pyjamas

Tasha’s enterprise began when she started making coats for foster dogs for a good friend who fostered greyhounds in Cumbria.

Her items are mainly made out of fleece and she makes fleece coats and some pyjamas.

On Tasha’s facebook page you can browse the single layer polar fleece coats, 4 legged pyjamas and you will also find waterproof coats and knitted pyjamas.

The fleece pyjamas and coats come in a range of patterns and colours and are hand-made and priced according to the size you require. The pyjamas are £22 for a 30 inch size. Postage is included in the price.

tashas coats



Scottish Greyhound Supplies

Davie at Scottish Greyhound Supplies has been making coats for 30 years and supplying many sanctuaries and Greyhound Trusts. He makes cordura waterproof coats and rainmacs as well as double wool fleeces.

scottish greyhound

The items are available on the Scottish Greyhound Supplies facebook page where you will find pre-made items for whippets and greyhounds, in various sizes. Prices tend to range from £18 to £28 depending on whether your items is for a whippet or a greyhound. Most of the items available are for outdoor activity although they may be used as a house coat too. Items are well-made and look comfy, warm and stylish. The most popular styles and patterns are the Newmarket fleece and the camo cordura snood. I love the comfy look of the Xmas selection too!

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